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Sunpricer makes daily bidding adjustment and optimization possible through Artificial Intelligence. This solution saves you time and frees you from this tedious task


Automate your campaigns

Amazon receives thousands of searches every day, hence the need to appear in the top results. Sunpricer uses algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence to create automated campaigns that will target Internet users at the best time.

Save time

Sunpricer takes care of the creation and management of your ad campaigns in line with your goals so that you can focus your time on the things that matter to you. The algorithmic optimization of bids allows you to seize every opportunity.

Increase your visibility on Amazon

Quickly find out the most used search terms for your products and get the required information to optimize your ads and target your audience.

Leverage your data history

Sunpricer stores and analyses your campaigns’ data history to make decisions offering the best conversion rates and optimal yields. We also analyse the impact of changes on advertising performance.

Reduce the overall ACoS

ACoS represents the advertising cost of sale calculated by dividing advertising costs by the amount of sales. The lower the ACoS, the more profitable the campaign. Sunpricer increases sales while reducing advertising costs by targetting the keywords that convert the most.